The Rose of Censorship. Mother’s milk – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Measuring me with the transposition in painting of this cover image of the album of the same name was suggested to me by a good friend. With him and other friends of that time we shared love of sea and kitesurfing. That mixed period of emotion and reflection with a closer and intense relationship with nature, with its power surely modified an imprinting that was now saturated and tired, with no strength (given the need to reload advertising images, not having the Possibility of live models) of a painting that aspired to the compositional and figurative idealization. My figuration had to be revised. It had to be even more bloody, lively and provocative. A real Point Break, quoting and living ideally in my life some directives of the film with the epic speech played by Patrick Swayze: “We do not fight for money, we fight against the system, that A system that kills the spirit of man; We are the example for those living dead that crawl on the highways in their fiery metal bars, we demonstrate with our work that the spirit of man is still alive.

The rose of censorship, the rose applied to the breast of the woman in the cover of the album, while bearing witness to the mother’s breastfeeding, does not overwhelm the hypocritical feel. Hypocrisy is never censored.

“…The Freakiest Show I Know
is the Show of my Own
Living my Life in and out
of the Twilight Zone

Bless my Soul,
I’m a Freak of Nature
Look and See I Think you’ll agree
Nobody Weird Like Me…”

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